Professional TPRM Support Services

Ensuring the ongoing success of your Third-Party Risk Management program

Dedicated To Customer Success

The DVV Solutions Customer Success Team is comprised of subject-matter experts, technology and solution experts that use field-proven approaches and best practices refined through hundreds of implementations with organisations of all sizes and complexity.

Our diverse set of services can get you up and running quickly, help you solve problems, train your team and work with you to extend your implementation as your program evolves.

Our team can help you with both large and small-scale improvements to your risk and compliance programs. Our services packages are available based on an agreed upon statement of work or as a pre-paid bundle of hours.

We can project-manage large and/or complex requirements or help with everyday tasks including reporting, data manipulation, integration to other systems and general application administration.

Quick Start Implementation Services

To meet high-stakes business goals, you need to implement a smart and effective risk management solution quickly and seamlessly. Just as importantly, your users need to see immediate value.

Our proven implementation methodology – developed and enhanced over hundreds of successful customer engagements – brings your risk management strategy and vision to life. Our expert IT Security Assurance Consultants have deep and broad experience implementing risk and compliance solutions for top companies worldwide. We’ll dig in alongside you to understand the complexities and nuances of the business challenges you face – and design creative, effective solutions.

The team draws from a complete library of best practices to support single-phase and multi-phase engagements and ensure a fast, predictable experience. Using an Agile approach, we work diligently to ensure your risk management program achieves greater success – faster than traditional waterfall methods.

Our methodology is predicated on a “Teach to Fish” approach that can make your organisation self-sufficient. Each milestone you achieve puts real value in the hands of users, generates momentum for the project team, and demonstrates tangible business results to stakeholders and executives.

Extend Your Team with our Risk Assurance Experts

DVV Solutions Assurance Services is the easy and reliable way to extend your team without adding staff. Our team of IT Security Assurance Services consultants is available to assist you with user administration, report creation, application configuration, data loading and more. We’ll assist in the management of your platform so you can focus on program results.

Augment your team with our Assurance Services experts or completely outsource your ProcessUnity platform administration. Either way, you are assigned a knowledgeable, dedicated expert to assist with your platform and program needs.

Assurance Services is beyond troubleshooting basic technical issues. For your selected monthly hours package, a member of our team acts as your in-house application administrator and can help with user management, report building, data management and a host of other services.

Your Annual Health Check

DVV Solutions’s Health Check program is a short-term, fixed-price services engagement that combines today’s best practices with our newest technologies to reinvigorate your risk and compliance programs. Designed to be completed within 30 days, a Health Check is equal parts evaluation and enhancement – our experts identify areas to strengthen your program and then quickly put recommended changes into effect.

The process begins with a three-hour, online workshop used to identify potential areas of improvement. We start with a high-level walkthrough of your current implementation to understand how the system is used today, then work through our checklist to capture new program goals, surface new ideas and discuss how new features could be incorporated into current processes.

Following a more intensive two-day Onsite Workshop, our team will compile a summary recap of the Health Check. The report includes a detailed summary of the actions taken plus any additional recommendations that your team can perform to continue tuning after the engagement.

Within two weeks of the Onsite Workshop, we’ll meet to review the Health Check Report and take a final walk through your new and improve implementation.

Training and Skills Development

DVV Solutions’s formal Onsite Training program is a flexible, cost effective way to train groups of up to 20 individuals on your automation platform’s functionality. Our private, three-day, instructor-led courses are available at the location of your choice, reducing travel costs and time away from the office.

In addition to standardised platform training, we’ll cover best practices for your specific solution area(s) including Vendor Risk Management, Policy & Procedure Management, Risk Management, Compliance Management, Offer Management and more.

Should you have more specific requirements, our trainers can work with your team to develop an agenda specific to your team’s requirements and needs.

Continue Your Success Story

DVV Solutions Customer Success experts are subject matter experts with real industry experience. Our methodologies have been used in hundreds of successful customer implementations. Working with your experts, we’ll ensure your team’s success and help you realise your goals.

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