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NormShield Ticketing System Simplifies Third Party Cyber Risk Remediation

NormShield Ticketing Intro ImageAs the only in-house cyber risk ticketing platform, NormShield Ticketing automates workflow to remediate continuous cyber risk monitoring issues. Here is why ticketing is effective in third-party risk management (TPRM) and how NormShield’s new system can help.


Businesses strive to be more organised, focused and efficient. This productivity has a direct impact on costs, revenues, brand reputation and third-party relationships.

Ticketing systems are useful means in guiding businesses to address alerts and issues both in an organisation and within the third party ecosystem.


What is a Ticketing System?

A ticketing system allows organisations to resolve issues related to a platform by managing and streamlining the process of remediation.

A ticket is simply an assignment created in response to a situation requiring further analysis and/or follow-up. Ticketing enables users to track issues with regards to assets or events.

Organisations can manage individual items, called tickets, which provide a description of what the recipient a.k.a. Ticket Owner encounters, along with other data such as, asset, category, severity, etc. Tickets serve as a record on a specific issue, its current status and other related information.


The Benefits of Ticketing in TPRM

The benefits of ticketing in a third-party risk management process are numerous, including:


How NormShield Ticketing Can Help

The new NormShield ticketing platform allows users to assign cyber risk findings/issues to the most relevant contacts (e.g, with a matching skill-set or the relevant asset owner) on that particular company domain. The choice of assignment can be based on several filters in the platform such as the assets, modules (e.g, DNS health, Email Security, SSL/TLS), severity as well as the status of the finding.

NormShield Ticketing Assign Transfer Screenshot

With a follow-up and comment section, a user can monitor the progress of a finding. The “Drop a Comment section” allows users to nudge the process along by notifying Ticket Owners on the timeliness and importance of the ticket resolution. The entire comment-chain is logged in the system.

NormShield Ticketing Add Comment Screenshot

Tickets can also be reassigned to another user, perhaps a more relevant individual in an organisation.

Ticket owners can take specific actions based on the improvements on the finding, such as fixing or closing the issue.

NormShield Ticketing Fix Close Screenshot

In summary, NormShield Ticketing system enables organisations to:


Integration with NormShield’s Strategy Report

The Ticketing system is also linked to the NormShield Strategy Report which provides a simple guide to the most critical and impactful risks and remediation required to improve a cyber risk rating.

NormShield Ticketing and Strategy Report

The combination of these features will make any TPRM program a powerhouse.

Learn more about NormShield’s Strategy Report here.


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