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Cyber Risk Management for M&A & Investors

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Security incidents can expose sensitive or strategic data, incur legal penalties, damage customer loyalty, and cause irreparable harm to company brand and reputation.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of innovative cyber risk due diligence managed services and solutions to help safeguard your investments, protect your portfolio and support long-term shareholder value.

Forescout Research - The Value & Challenges in Cyber Due Diligence:

  • 53% of organisations reported they had encountered a critical cybersecurity issue or incident that put a deal in jeopardy
  • 65% of respondents said they had experienced buyers’ remorse because of cybersecurity concerns after closing a deal
  • Only 36% strongly agreed that their IT team is given adequate time to review a targets’ cybersecurity standards, processes and protocols before deal closure
  • Among CIOs, only 37% strongly agree their team has the necessary skills to conduct a cybersecurity assessment for an acquisition

M&A Cyber Risk & IT Integration Assessments

Using industry-standard best practices and risk assessment models our suite of cyber risk and IT integration services ensure the effective and efficient collection, analysis and remediation of IT and cyber risk throughout the M&A process.

Our M&A Cyber Risk & IT Integration Assessments are built around your risk profile and tolerances and focus on the key risk domains and critical IT components for each unique acquisition and their supporting ecosystem.

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Portfolio Cyber Risk Management For Investors

Cyber Risk Management for Investors helps you to identify and act on cybersecurity issues throughout the investment process.

We provide you the expertise and intelligence to assess, quantify, and mitigate cyber risks associated with a potential transaction or across your investment portfolio, so you remain

FULLY INFORMED about the cyber risks within your ENTIRE portfolio.

GUIDED on WHAT threats need to be mitigated and HOW to do it.

SURE that what is needed gets DONE.

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