Third Party Risk Management - Consultancy, Assessment & Advisory

TPRM Managed Services and Consultancy


Take the pain out of the risk assessment process with our managed service offering. Select the services you need to improve the speed, efficiency and scalability of your TPRM program, or let us manage your whole program for you.


On-Demand Risk Assessments

Build your own outsourced Third Party Risk Assessment team or supplement your existing resources. Whether you require support in executing a program of questionnaire-based remote assessments or more rigorous onsite risk assessments our team of CTPRP accredited Risk Assessors will provide full service collection, analysis and reporting.


ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management - As A Service

Providing a robust and consistent Third Party risk assurance program, to scale and optimise your existing investment in ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management automation.


BlueVoyant Vendor Risk Management

Obtain clear visibility into cybersecurity risks across your cyber supply chain through a fully managed service that proactively identifies, prioritises and remediates cyber risks posed by business partners and third-party relationships.


Black Kite Cyber Risk Ratings Managed Services

Optimising and scaling your Black Kite Cyber Risk Ratings and Third Party Risk Management program with “as-a-service” delivery


BitSight Security Ratings Managed Services

Developing a service built around your TPRM framework and configured to your specific risk profile we deliver more effective management and utilisation of your BitSight risk data and generate recognisable value in terms of risk assurance, remediation and regulatory compliance.


Portfolio Cyber Risk Management For Investors

Cyber Risk Management for Investors effectively identifies cybersecurity issues throughout the investment process, providing expertise to assess, quantify, and mitigate cyber risks associated with a potential transaction or your entire investment portfolio.


M&A Cyber Risk & IT Integration Assessments

Our suite of cyber risk and IT integration services ensure the effective and efficient analysis and remediation of IT and cyber risk throughout the M&A process.

A dedicated Risk Analyst also creates a clear roadmap for the integration of an acquisition’s IT environment and resources to ensure the protection of IP, brand and commercial value from an acquisition.


GDPR Health Check

A business critical tool designed to identify the effectiveness of your data security and processing policies and practices and assess regulatory compliance including GDPR.


GDPR Third Party Assessments

Simple and effective assessment of external data processors for GDPR compliance and data security.

Our GDPR-specific assessment and reporting service streamlines your efforts to achieve complete compliance with external data processors including contractors, partners, suppliers and service providers.


Third Party Risk Maturity Assessment

No matter where you are in the process of addressing your Third Party Risk we can provide the support to develop your strategic plan or identify effective measures to improve the maturity, efficiency and regulatory compliance of your TPRM program.


Why choose us?

We are specialists in Third Party Risk Management with over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance and a dedicated team of experienced IT Security Assurance Consultants.
We are a vendor agnostic, managed service provider that is able to focus on delivering a TPRM program built around your specific risk-based, organisational and regulatory requirements.
We are a Shared Assessments Program member and recognised Assessment Firm with certified IT Security Assurance Consultants able to deliver a comprehensive service based on industry standards and best practice.