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Aligning Internal Cybersecurity with Third-Party Risk – ProcessUnity White Paper

Aligning Internal Cybersecurity Practices with Third-Party Risk Management

With the recent increase in cyber attacks and new regulations on cybersecurity, you may be wondering how your organisation can bolster its cybersecurity efforts. As the threat landscape grows, so does your organisation’s need to develop a robust, cross-functional cybersecurity program. But where should you start?

To gain comprehensive visibility into your organisation’s vulnerabilities, you need to address cybersecurity internally and externally. ProcessUnity’s latest white paper, developed by cybersecurity and third-party risk management experts, provides best practice guidance for integrating these aspects of your organisation.

ProcessUnity touchpad white paper for aligning internal and third-party cybersecurity programs

Click here to download ProcessUnity’s latest best-practices white paper and build a cybersecurity program that can protect your organisation from all angles. Learn:

Kickstart Your Third-Party Risk Management

More often than not, risk, cybersecurity, procurement and supplier management departments are siloed and decentralised, setting themselves up for failure. However, a universal solution that can have dashboards specific to a department’s needs and responsibilities can help to align and streamline the supplier risk management process and manage this complex challenge.

ProcessUnity Cybersecurity Program Management Compliance Dashboard

DVV Solutions and ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management can evaluate, track and measure supplier risk, assess its impact on all aspects of a business and develop compensating controls to lessen the impact if an incident should occur.

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