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Data Protection & GDPR Health Check

Ensuring The Security & Compliance Of Your Data Protection Practices

GDPR and Increasing Regulation vs. Effective Business Practices

Data protection laws and ever increasing regulatory and commercial pressure on the use of information are vital issues that impact on every organisation.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents possibly the biggest change to data protection law and affects every organisation that controls or processes Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of EU Customers and/or Employees.

We understand that in order to ensure the ongoing services you offer are executed in line with GDPR and other regulations, your organisation must first gain an understanding of the privacy risk areas you face and what exposure these risks leave you with. Not until those risks are identified and understood will you be able to mitigate those risks accordingly.

Your Data Protection & GDPR Health Check

DVV Solutions are able to assist you with this burden through a comprehensive Data Protection and GDPR Health Check providing an independent objective assessment of your organisation’s current data protection posture.

The Data Protection and GDPR Health Check is a business critical tool designed to identify how your organisation stands in relation to data protection legislation whilst also assessing your data security posture and includes:

  • Assessment of data processing in relation to the 6 Principles of GDPR
  • Assessment of privacy notices and DSAR processes
  • Assessment of your applicable policies and documentation
  • Assessment of your processes in relation to the 8 ‘rights’ of data subjects
  • Assessment of technical data security capabilities
  • Assessment of relationships with data processors
  • Assessment of staff training and awareness
  • Assessment of Incident Response & Breach reporting

Through thorough analysis of your current data protection documentation, policies and processes, interviews and team workshops your Data Protection and GDPR Health Check will identify the highest impact and risk areas, and give you detailed guidance to achieve a robust program of data protection and regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Conformity With Tangible Benefits

  • Streamlined Route to GDPR Compliance
    Our expert team are able to navigate you through complex and time-intensive compliance processes and documentation to ensure you get the most effective and cost-efficient outcomes.
  • Improved Staff Awareness
    Sharing real life data protection issues will enable your teams to develop better, standardised policies and processes. Understanding what impact GDPR has on their individual roles also develops greater commitment to achieving compliance.
  • Auditable Document Trail
    We can provide you with the necessary templates to create a document trail in place to demonstrate evidence of your efforts to achieve and maintain GDPR compliant processes and practices.
  • Improved Management & Security of Data
    Data mapping exercises will give you and your team greater awareness of, and control over, the data you hold, who it is shared with, and what you need to do to protect it.
  • Robust Risk Management
    Understanding how to perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) enables you to mitigate data risks when reviewing existing or new projects and suppliers.
  • Improved Reputation
    By ensuring you only process data where you have the right to do so and improving the way you manage data, you will increase confidence in your brand and reduce the risk of fines and subsequent reputational damage.
  • Minimised Risks
    In-depth analysis of your existing processes helps identify any potential risks or breaches that your GDPR-compliant practices will address.

Your Trusted Data Protection and Compliance Partner

As specialists in Data Protection, Privacy and Governance we provide our clients with a service of the highest quality in a professional, commercial and responsive manner. We aim to assist you in enabling your organisation to reach it’s maximum potential in line with data protection and privacy regulations.

Since 2014, we have been audited and are accredited to ISO14001 standards and in 2016 were also certified to the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.

As a Shared Assessments program member and registered Assessment Firm we utilise industry-standard practices to deliver a full range of remote and onsite security assessments.

Start Your GDPR Health Check Today

Let DVV solutions help you in ensuring the PII data of your Customers and Employees is secure, protected and managed within GDPR’s strict regulations with a Data Protection & GDPR Health Check.

We’ll deliver a cost-effective program of work that helps you to achieve the level of data protection, privacy and GDPR compliance that your business requires.

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