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Incorporate Financial Ratings and Cybersecurity Scores for a More Comprehensive View into Vendor Risk

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As a standalone solution, ProcessUnity’s cloud-based Vendor Risk Management software delivers significant value by helping organisations streamline onboarding, due diligence and assessment processes and effectively understand the state of third-party risk.  Better yet, the platform can incorporate specialised intelligence and risk ratings – cybersecurity scores, financial ratings, watchlist screening, and more – into vendor records for an even more-comprehensive view into the potential risks posed.

ProcessUnity offers a suite of vendor risk rating connectors that quickly and easily integrate data into individual Vendor Risk Management programs to create holistic vendor views.

The growing set of ProcessUnity connectors enables vendor managers to reinforce the credibility of assessments with internal auditors and external regulators and continuously monitor vendors between periodic assessments. Connectors can automate the association of external risk ratings and provide additional vendor validation to help vendor managers make sound risk management decisions.


The ProcessUnity Intelligent Risk and Compliance Ecosystem

ProcessUnity’s suite of connectors incorporate best-of-breed vendor risk ratings and rankings from leading external data providers to help improve assessments processes, determine security risks, conduct financial risk reviews and check vendors’ reputations. Our partners include:

Assessment Processes

ProcessUnity’s Shared Assessments Connector streamlines the vendor assessment process with access to best-in-class SIG (Standard Information Gathering) questionnaires.

Vendor Risk Management administrators can quickly import SIG workbooks to create ProcessUnity questionnaire templates that can be used as the scope for Vendor questionnaire assessments. Vendor contacts can then easily import their responses at the click of a button.

Security Risk Reviews

The integration of security scores and ratings into a Vendor Risk Management platform provides single, comprehensive view of relevant IT security information to enhance the vendor assessment process.

ProcessUnity’s pre-built connector to the BitSight Security Ratings Platform supplements IT security risk assessments with objective cybersecurity ratings and rankings for an even more complete view of vendor populations, eliminating the need to manually enter, recalculate risk scores, and/or continually update information on each organisation being assessed.

ProcessUnity also offers SecurityScorecard Connector, offering holistic insight into any organisation’s security posture based on the collection, analysis, and attribution of millions of critical data points and providing an overall IT vendor risk score.

Financial Risk Reviews

Objective financial health assessment is necessary for proper vendor due diligence as it provides a multidimensional view of each vendor’s financial health.

ProcessUnity’s RapidRatings Connector uses a unique quantitative analytics model to measure the financial health of public and private companies, providing empirical ratings — uninfluenced by company bias —which serve as accurate and predictive indicators of a company’s financial viability, operational efficiency, and resilience.

ProcessUnity has also partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to provide the D&B Direct 2.0 content feed, delivering scores that serve as key indicators of financial status and the risks associated with doing business with a specific organisation to drive more-informed business decisions and reduce risk to organisations and their clients.

Reputation and Identity Risk Reviews

Integrating external reputation and identity risk reviews into the ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management platform can provide an even more complete view for rigorous due diligence, performance reviews, and SLA monitoring.

ProcessUnity’s connector with Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters WorldCheck) is used for transaction monitoring, enhanced due diligence, and onboarding. The service continuously monitors vendor organisations and their employees, delivering real-time notifications for potential issues that may signal heightened risk.

Additionally, ProcessUnity’s connector with NominoData’s OneClickCOMPLIANCE empowers analysts, investigators, and financial institutions with real-time intelligence to drive more informed business decisions regarding third-party vendors.


Gain Complete Visibility Using Vendor Risk Ratings

By leveraging pre-built connectors, administrators can automatically integrate risk ratings data from trusted providers with specific risk domain expertise — in security, financial status, reputation and more — into the ProcessUnity workflows and reports to manage and monitor risk. That way, users gain more complete visibility into the risk profile of third parties while reducing the manual effort required for due diligence.

Contact us to learn why external vendor risk ratings, with richer content and specialised intelligence, can inform a comprehensive Vendor Risk Management program.


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