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DVV Solutions joins Legal Support Network

DVV Solutions joins Legal Support Network

DVV Solutions are proud to announce their Risk and Compliance “networkpartner” status in the Legal Support Network (LSN). Legal Support Network Third Party risk

We’ll be providing expert advice and support on Third Party risk management (TPRM) and regulatory compliance – including GDPR and PCI – for members of the Legal Support Network in the UK legal sector. You can find us at

Sean O’Brien, Director DVV Solutions commented: “We’re looking forward to the opportunity to help Legal IT, risk, compliance and procurement professionals develop a greater level of understanding of the inherent risks and threats that outsourced IT models can present and how to identify and quantify them. But more importantly its is the mitigation and management of these risks where we can add the greatest value to the Legal Support Network. Collaborative models of Third Party risk management such as the Legal Vendor Network are presenting whole industries with standardised best-practices and collective intelligence to generate significant cost-efficiencies and improve the security postures of clients organisations and suppliers alike.”

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Established in 1999, we have become one of the UK’s leading providers in the design, implementation and management of Third Party risk management software and automation solutions to support any organisation’s TPRM requirements.

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