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Shared Assessments launches new CTPRA certification for Third Party Risk Assessors

New Third Party Risk Assessor Certification

Shared Assessments Certified Third Party Risk Assessor CTPRA


The Shared Assessments Program announces an expansion to its certification program to include the new Certified Third Party Risk Assessor (CTPRA) designation. This individual certification validates skills and knowledge within specific IT risk controls that an experienced assessor needs in order to perform a thorough risk assessment of a Third Party provider.

Who Will Benefit?

The CTPRA designation is for individuals performing assessments, onsite or remote, of Third Parties relative to the risk tolerance of the assessor organization.

What to Expect

CTPRA holders will demonstrate advanced knowledge of third party risk assessment concepts and principles, including:

• Organisational safety and security, including policy administration, organisational structure and human resource security.
• Physical and environmental security of data environment.
• Network security, including application, server and endpoint management.

The format is 10 hours of workshop time and a 2 hour exam, all of which will be administered online.


Get Certified

Find out more about the requirements to become CTRPA certified and when the next training session is being held. Click here


About Shared Assessments

As the trusted source in Third Party risk, the member-driven Shared Assessments Program has been setting the standard in Third Party risk assessments since 2005. Shared Assessments Program members work together to build and disseminate best practices, building resources that give all third party risk management stakeholders a faster, more rigorous, more efficient means of conducting security, privacy and business resiliency control assessments.

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