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NormShield Critical Findings White Paper: VPN Cyber Posture

NormShield Critical Findings White Paper VPN Cyber Posture 2020As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide, more workplaces are rapidly embracing remote working options. This model increases attention to Third-Party software-as-a-service, in which businesses leverage to keep operations up and running in this unanticipated climate.

Whilst businesses can instantly improve their operational flexibility at the same time the new operating model changes the risk posture of the organisation and the relative criticality of service providers and vendors.

Here, NormShield identifies select company’s digital footprint based on their commercially facing domain and revealing the associated vulnerabilities, as the use of remote working tools ramps up with the outbreak of COVID-19.


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NormShield Third Party Scoring FAIR Compliance diagramNormShield Cyber Risk Ratings

Monitoring and continuous oversight on your cybersecurity posture and that of your Third-Party vendors and supply-chain are critical. That goes beyond your organisation including anywhere your data is handled during the process.

NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings and Assessments continuously assesses an organisation, captures critical information in the cyber risk dashboard and provides detailed drill-down capabilities to fully understand each risk. Ongoing monitoring surfaces priority risks and measures cyber risk posture improvement over time.

By providing Cyber Rating (technical), Compliance Estimations (policies and processes) and FAIR results (the probable impact in financial numbers), NormShield’s vision is to give a complete risk picture.

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