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M&A Cyber Risk & IT Integration Assessments

Delivering comprehensive insight into IT Risk throughout the M&A lifecycle

Cybersecurity assessments have now become an essential part of the M&A process as security practices, controls, and overall security posture can determine the fate of a deal.

Taking a risk-based approach and conducting a thorough investigation of a target’s cybersecurity posture not only helps you gain a full picture of risks, it also affords the opportunity to mitigate any vulnerabilities before acquisition. Applying cyber due diligence ensures you can minimise risk and maximise shareholder value from the seamless transition and integration of IT skills, resources and supply chains.

Using industry-standard best practices and risk assessment models our suite of cyber risk and IT integration services ensure the effective and efficient collection, analysis and remediation of IT and cyber risk throughout the M&A process.

Our M&A Cyber Risk & IT Integration Assessments are built around your risk profile and tolerances and focus on the key risk domains and critical IT components for each unique acquisition and ecosystem.

Target Cyber Risk Profiling for Screening & Selection

Your Target Cyber Risk Profile helps identify the strengths, weaknesses and risks of potential acquisitions as part of the identification and screening of target companies. We arm you with a “hacker’s view” of the cyber resilience of each potential target with:

  • a clear comparison of risk ratings across key cyber risk domains,
  • correlation to common regulatory requirements,
  • the potential $$$ impact of a breach, and
  • a strategic view of remediation required to resolve vulnerabilities

Your Target Cyber Risk Profile enables you to make early informed decisions on the possible effort and security investment required from acquiring a potential target and their key third-parties.

Pre-Signing Cyber Due Diligence

A more rigorous inspection of the policies, processes and controls is performed for specific engaged targets. Using a mix of remote and onsite assessments a deeper evaluation of a target identifies any gaps and risks within:

  • Frameworks & programs – including Third-Party risk management
  • Controls, policies & operational practices
  • Specific & relevant regulatory requirements
  • Physical resources & IT dependencies, and
  • Data privacy & protection protocols

Armed with a comprehensive view of the IT and Infosecurity posture of a target, you can take an informed decision as to the true risk and value they represent and manage investment planning accordingly.

Post-Closing IT Integration & Cyber Risk Monitoring

Whether you fully merge IT operation or keep an acquisition as a separate entity by understanding your requirements and risk profile your dedicated Risk Analyst can create a clear roadmap to success.

Your detailed IT Integration report will highlight how any integration should be designed to securely manage the new IT environment and resources, and inform effective IT investment decisions.

An evaluation of the acquisition’s cyber supply chain can also be performed to identify further opportunities for improved efficiencies, vendor consolidation, risk reduction, and material cost savings.

Having established security benchmarks and incorporated an acquisition an ongoing program of cyber risk management is always recommended. Our annual security assessments and continuous monitoring of reports ensure you can mitigate emerging cybersecurity risks and maintain the value of your capital investment.

A Managed M&A Cyber Due Diligence Service Tailored To Your Needs

Security incidents can expose sensitive or strategic data, incur legal penalties, damage customer loyalty, and cause irreparable harm to company brand and reputation. That’s why our team of certified IT risk assurance professionals take the IT Risk out of the equation.

Using industry best-practices to add scale and quality to your M&A cyber due diligence we will create a cost-effective program of risk assessment for potential acquisitions and the third-party suppliers they rely on.

Whether you require frameworks and automation tooling to maximise your internal team’s efforts or a permanent, outsourced resource that delivers consistent M&A Cyber Risk & IT Integration Assessments on-demand Contact Us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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