Third Party Risk Management - Consultancy, Assessment & Advisory

ProcessUnity VRM Managed Service

Enhancing your Third Party Risk Management with dedicated resources and "as-a-service" program delivery

As an authorised ProcessUnity Managed Service Provider (MSP) DVV Solutions provide a variety of managed services that enable you to make the most of your investment in ProcessUnity Vendor Risk Management (VRM) automation.

We have developed a set of professional and managed service offerings that can be built around your TPRM framework and configured to your specific risk profile. Your service will deliver a more effective management and utilisation of your ProcessUnity VRM implementation and generate recognisable value in terms of risk assurance, remediation and regulatory compliance.

Our ProcessUnity Managed Services cover a range of Consultancy and “TPRM-as a service” propositions to support your entire Third Party risk framework.

Regular reporting and updates are delivered to your risk team via face-to-face meetings or virtual conference as required.

TPRM Program & Framework Design

Your dedicated IT Security Assurance Consultant will build a robust, standards-based program of Third-Party risk assurance and regulatory compliance that can integrate or be exclusively built around ProcessUnity VRM, covering;

• Risk Appetite and Tolerances
• Supplier Selection and Categorisation
• Risk Tiering and Domains
• Risk Register
• Due Diligence Requirements
• Risk Metrics and Reporting
• Roles & Responsibilities, and
• Program Resource Requirements and Costing

Third Party Risk Assessment Managed Service (TPRM-as-a-service)

We deliver a complete Third Party risk assessment service with all stages of the acquisition, analysis and reporting process managed on your behalf, incorporating:

• Third Party risk assessments and evidence gathering
• Risk analysis and scoring
• Timely delivery and management of findings
• Regular review and reporting (e.g. KRIs & KPIs)
• Scalability to enable additional suppliers and services to be added
• Expansion into downstream supplier and 4th Party risks

Third Party Risk Remediation & Advisory

Our team of Certified Third Party Risk Professionals (CTPRPs) and Assessors (CTPRAs) also provide professional and practical support in the ongoing identification and management of risk and remediation within the Third-Party supply chain, including:

• Validation of risks with each Third-Party
• Management of compensating controls / remedial actions
• Administration of your Risk Register
• Advice on best-practice and regulatory requirements
• Regular review and reporting of action plans

Are DVV Solutions ProcessUnity Managed Services right for you?

  • Do you need to be more effective or expand the use of ProcessUnity VRM within your supplier base?
  • Are you looking to fully outsource the day-to-day management of your Third Party risk assessment program?
  • Do you need support in developing and delivering a new program of risk assessments and risk reporting?
  • Are limited resource/capacity constraining your ability to consume, analyse and manage your risk assessment and remediation workload?
  • Do you need to quickly mature your TPRM programs and processes in line with regulatory requirements (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, Operation Resilience, PCI, ISO)
  • Do you lack the necessary skills to consume large volumes of risk assessment and reporting data?
  • Are you looking to incorporate addition risk data into your TPRM program (e.g. Security Ratings, Continuous Monitoring, FAIR Model)

Kick-start your ProcessUnity VRM implementation today

Improve your Return on Investment in ProcessUnity VRM

Removing “white noise” in feeds and alerts and generating more value from existing ProcessUnity VRM licences

Make ProcessUnity a More Valuable part of your TPRM Program

Embedding ProcessUnity VRM deeper within your Enterprise Risk Management framework

Greater Scalability and Efficiency of your Risk Assurance

Making internal resources more efficient and opening up resource to expand your TPRM program

With over 20 years IT GRC experience we are a specialist Cybersecurity and Third-Party Risk Management MSP delivering Third Party risk management as-a-service to organisations across Europe and EMEA.

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Why choose us?

We are specialists in Third Party Risk Management with over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance and a dedicated team of experienced IT Security Assurance Consultants.
We are a vendor agnostic, managed service provider that is able to focus on delivering a TPRM program built around your specific risk-based, organisational and regulatory requirements.
We are a Shared Assessments Program member and recognised Assessment Firm with certified IT Security Assurance Consultants able to deliver a comprehensive service based on industry standards and best practice.