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Third Party Due Diligence & Assessments

Add Speed and Scale to your program with on-demand Third Party Cyber Risk Assessments

Taking the pain out of Third Party Risk Assesment

Preparing and performing Third Party due diligence risk assessments is an essential part of your Third Party risk management program. But it is expensive, resource-intensive, and time consuming for both your organisation, as well as your suppliers. Let DVV Solutions take the pain out of the Third Party Risk Assessment process.

As a Shared Assessments program member and registered Assessment Firm we are able to utilise industry-standard practices including Standardised Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaires and Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) for onsite assessments.

We also have extensive experience in developing and executing Third Party due diligence and cyber risk assessments based upon ISO27001, PCI and GDPR compliance, and bespoke questionnaire sets.

Building your own outsourced Third Party Risk Assessment team

Do you require support in managing questionnaire-based remote assessments or more rigorous onsite risk assessments? Our team of CTPRP accredited IT Security Consultants will provide full service collection, analysis and reporting of Third Party due diligence and cyber risk, with all required supporting evidence.

Remote Assessments:
Our IT Security Consultants will quickly and efficiently provide a complete end-to-end service for the delivery of questionnaire-based Third Party due diligence risk assessments.

Onsite Assessments:
We work with you to develop a program of work for more rigorous, onsite evaluation of your Third Party risk based upon your risk appetite, risk tiers and criticality of suppliers.

Risk Remediation Tracking:
We can also support in the development, implementation and tracking of risk remediation plans to ensure any IT security improvements identified are actioned and completed.

Third Party Due Diligence Cyber Risk Assessments deliver:

  • Independent, professional verification and analysis of risk – especially critical for highly regulated industries
  • Support for initial roll-out and ramp-up of your TPRA program
  • Scalability so you can manage more supplier assessments with greater speed and efficiency and support peak volumes of supplier assessments
  • Optional training and skills transfers to develop the quality of your internal risk assessment teams
  • Reduced cost associated with your existing manual process and internal infrastructure
  • Bandwidth to re-focus your existing manpower and resources on the high-value risk management and remediation activity

A Tailored Service to Meet Your Needs

Our Third Party Due Diligence Cyber Risk Assessment Service enables you to supplement your existing internal resources by leveraging DVV Solutions expertise. Our team of accredited Certified Third Party Risk Professionals (CTPRP) use industry best practices to add on-demand scale to your risk assessment program and can free your internal resources to focus on more critical risk management activity.

Whether you require an on-demand resource to support your internal team’s workload or are looking for a more permanent outsourced managed service that delivers Third Party Due Diligence Cyber Risk Assessment to your desk, DVV Solutions can create a service offering to meet your needs.

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Why choose us?

We are specialists in Third Party Risk Management with over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance and a dedicated team of experienced IT Security Assurance Consultants.
We are a vendor agnostic, managed service provider that is able to focus on delivering a TPRM program built around your specific risk-based, organisational and regulatory requirements.
We are a Shared Assessments Program member and recognised Assessment Firm with certified IT Security Assurance Consultants able to deliver a comprehensive service based on industry standards and best practice.