Third Party Risk Management - Consultancy, Assessment & Advisory

Third Party & Location Risk Intelligence

Expert Analyst guidance to strengthen your risk response to Third Party and Location risk events

Real-time and Continuous Risk Intelligence and Monitoring

Knowing the nature and impact of risk is essential to develop mechanisms for mitigating disruptions. Strengthen your TPRM and GRC processes with Supply Wisdom’s proprietary methodology for third party and location risk.

Supply Wisdom monitors risks and threats to your third parties and locations in real-time, wherever they are – Assessing, Quantifying, and Rating risk based on their potential to disrupt operations.

Supply Wisdom offers an objective risk scoring mechanism to assess and quantify risks and impact. Thousands of events every day are reviewed daily, reported from hundreds of sources, across 30 or more languages to bring you only those risks that need your attention. If there is a risk, you’ll know about it.

Supplier and Location Risk Domains Assessed:

Supply Wisdom assesses, quantifies and rates risk based on their potential to impact your operations, reputation and compliance.


  • Financial Risk
    15+ risk parameters | Ownership, Investment, ratios, balance sheet, liquidity, profitability, and revenue
  • Solutions Maturity Risk
    45+ risk parameters | Service lines, talent pool, quality certifications, partnerships, operating models, and geographical metrics
  • Client Risk
    5+ risk parameters | Client wins, client losses, brand reputation
  • People Risk
    5+ risk parameters | Total FTEs, attrition, employee ratings
  • Governance, Regulatory & Compliance Risk
    10+ risk parameters | Regulatory compliance, legal actions, liens and settlements, management changes
  • Cybersecurity Risk
    9 risk categories | DNS, email security, domains, information disclosure, leaked credentials, patch management, IP reputation, website ranking and security
  • Macro-Economic Risk
    10+ risk parameters | Inflation, FDI, credit risk, currency risk
  • Legal, Security & Compliance Risk
    20+ risk parameters | Policy, cyber crime, trade union activity, labor laws
  • Business Risk
    20+ risk parameters | Ease of doing business, regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Financial Risk
    10+ risk parameters | Key labor cost metrics, operational costs, taxation
  • Scalability Risk
    40+ risk parameters | Size and growth, worker spreads, attrition/hiring, and languages
  • Infrastructure Risk
    15+ risk parameters | Incentives to source, power and utilities, transport, technological readiness
  • Geo-Political Risk
    15+ risk parameters | Political risk, social and security risk
  • Quality of Life
    10+ risk parameters | Expat quality of life measures and business support & amenities

Opportunities, Not Just Risk

The value of risk intelligence goes far beyond continuous risk monitoring. Supply Wisdom is a critical decision support tool for supplier consolidation, contract re-negotiations, bid evaluations, third party selections, location identification, etc.

Global industry leaders use DVV Solutions and Supply Wisdom as a trusted resource for continuous risk intelligence, real-time risk alerts, risk assessments, health reviews and expert Analyst guidance. TPRM, GRC, Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Security professionals use Supply Wisdom to maintain business continuity, mitigate risks, and strengthen their sourcing operations.

To learn how you can create greater business opportunities from better risk intelligence Contact DVV Solutions today.

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We are specialists in Third Party Risk Management with over 18 years of experience in Cyber Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance
We are a Shared Assessments program member and recognised Assessment Firm with CTPRP-certified IT Security Assurance Consultants.
We are focused on delivering a Third Party Risk Management program that secures your data supply chain and enhances your IT security posture.