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DVV Solutions becomes first UK-based Assessment Firm in Shared Assessments membership program

Shared AssessmentsDVV Solutions, leading experts in Third Party Risk Assessment, are proud to announce we have been accepted within the Shared Assessments global membership program with recognised status as an authorised Assessment Firm.

In doing so, DVV Solutions has become the first UK-based Assessment Firm in the global community of leaders from disciplines such as information security, governance and Third Party risk management (TPRM). Members of the program include financial institutions, healthcare organisations, energy/utility, retailers and telecommunications companies. Representatives from across these sectors have collaborated to develop industry-standard practices including the Shared Assessments Standardised Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire – used to perform an initial assessment of suppliers – and Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP), for standardised onsite assessments.

“Our Customers will benefit from the opportunity to work with DVV Solutions and Shared Assessments to develop and refine Shared Assessment’s already well established tools and procedures to meet the increasingly complex legislative and regulatory environments of the UK and EU” explains Sean O’Brien, Managing Director at DVV Solutions.

DVV Solutions credentials as an Assessment Firm are the result of significant investment in developing expert Risk Assessors who perform remote and on-site Third Party risk assessments on behalf of clients and the development of the SupplierAssess managed service that allows companies to supplement and scale their existing TPRM program and Third Party risk assessments without the need for additional staff or resources.

“We are thrilled to have DVV Solutions as a part of the Shared Assessments membership working to advance best practices in third party risk management. We look forward to the perspective and innovation that DVV Solutions brings to the table in the UK market,” said Robin Slade, EVP and COO, The Santa Fe Group, the strategic advisory group that manages the program.

“We believe our association with Shared Assessments is a very exciting opportunity for the UK market. DVV Solutions will be at the forefront of the drive to improve the implementation of more efficient and effective industry-standard TPRM practices in the UK. Our Customers will gain from even greater rigour in our SupplierAssess TPRM-as-a-service offering and continued improvements in the manageability, scalability and overall cost of Third Party risk assessments.” added Sean O’Brien.

About the Shared Assessments Program

As the trusted source in third party risk, the member-driven Shared Assessments Program has been setting the standard in third party risk assessments since 2005. Shared Assessments Program members work together to build and disseminate best practices, building resources that give all third party risk management stakeholders a faster, more rigorous, more efficient means of conducting security, privacy and business resiliency control assessments. For more information on Shared Assessments, please visit

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