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Shared Assessments Releases Latest Best Practices Briefing Paper

C-Suite Call to Action – Risk Management Through A Different Lens

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Building Best Practices Briefing Paper

Shared Assessments have released their latest Best Practices Briefing Paper, providing a quick overview and concrete action steps that will help organisations achieve superior outcomes from your Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program over time.

Setting the Tone for 2021: Out of the Shifting Landscape, Opportunity Arises

Traditional approaches to TPRM that rely solely on point-in-time assessments can no longer keep up with rapidly changing or emerging risks. Determine how to make your program work comprehensively and with dexterity within the organisation’s mission, goals and responsibilities.

This “Call to Action” suggests what organisations should be doing based on recent events – including the pandemic and the unprecedented scale of recent environmental disruption. Learnings from this period of upheaval are well worth examining in depth in C-suites and board rooms. This paper identifies some of the issues that can be solved today, as well as others that may not be remediable now but deserve examination once TPRM programs are better positioned to mitigate specific risks in the future.

Download now – C-Suite Call to Action – Risk Management Through A Different Lens


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There’s never a more vital time to start thinking seriously about the security posture of your organisation and extended enterprise.

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About The Shared Assessments Program

As the trusted source in third party risk, the member-driven Shared Assessments Program has been setting the standard in third party risk assessments since 2005. Shared Assessments Program members work together to build and disseminate best practices, building resources that give all third party risk management stakeholders a faster, more rigorous, more efficient means of conducting security, privacy and business resiliency control assessments. Learn more at