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DVV Solutions launches BitSight Managed Services and Consultancy to optimise BitSight Security Ratings implementations

New BitSight Managed Services and Consultancy helps customers to launch, grow and optimise TPRM programs through better integration of BitSight Security Ratings   DVV Solutions has announced the launch of its BitSight Managed Services – a range of managed and consultancy services to aid companies looking to implement, develop and optimise the use of BitSight…


5 KEY THINGS Your Annual Third Party Risk Assessment ISN’T Telling You

Is a one-off annual Third Party risk assessment enough?   The 2017 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Survey found that 63% of companies don’t have plans to update their Third Party risk assessments on an ongoing basis. If you rely only on one-time assessments you risk missing critical information about your suppliers that can affect…


10 Best Practices for Reducing Third Party Risk

Best Practices for Reducing Third Party Risk The simple truth is that the security measures organisations put in place are not enough to protect them from threats of Third Party risk. Third Parties can present the greatest area of risk exposure — both for data security and for regulatory compliance. It is much easier for…