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Latest TPRM White Paper – Third-Party Risk in Standards & Regulations by NormShield

NormShield Third Party Risk White Paper LinkIn today’s ever-changing environment, businesses rely on third-parties to help drive their core-activities. This dependence makes third parties, sometimes referred to as “suppliers” or “vendors”, an organic part of business processes.

Recent breaches affecting Amca, CenturyLink, Capital One, Facebook, and Twitter all originated from a third-party website or platform supplier. These breaches cause thousands, and in some cases millions, of records to be exposed.

A recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute reveals that 59% of organisations have experienced one or more data breaches caused by a third party, costing an average of $7.5 million to remediate.

The cost of these breaches sometimes involves engaging forensic experts, hiring a law firm, offering victims identity protection services, as well as reputation damage and regulation fines, which in turn may add up to millions of dollars.

This financial burden could be devastating to small and medium businesses, putting some firms out of business. With record-breaking GDPR fines due to third party breaches, whether it is a part of the due-diligence process or a malicious third party script, it is time to take a closer look at regulations from a third-party perspective.


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Monitoring and continuous oversight on your cybersecurity posture and that of your Third-Party vendors and supply-chain are critical. That goes beyond your organisation including anywhere your data is handled during the process.

NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings and Assessments continuously assesses an organisation, captures critical information in the cyber risk dashboard and provides detailed drill-down capabilities to fully understand each risk. Ongoing monitoring surfaces priority risks and measures cyber risk posture improvement over time.

By providing Cyber Rating (technical), Compliance Estimations (policies and processes) and FAIR results (the probable impact in financial numbers), NormShield’s vision is to give a complete risk picture.

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