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Shared Assessments releases GDPR Data Processor Privacy Tool Kit

Shared Assessments, the trusted sourcGDPR data processor PC screen imagee in Third Party risk, today released its GDPR Data Processor Privacy Tool Kit, another resource in the “Building Best Practices” series.

The GDPR Data Processor Privacy Tool Kit provides preliminary guidance for both data controllers and data processors to effectively evaluate and manage Third Party processor risk under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 Article 28 “Processor” directives.

Data processors (service providers) can use the Tool Kit proactively to prepare for requests from data controllers (outsourcers), as well as to guide their own information requests to sub-processors.

Free for Shared Assessments Program members the GDPR Data Processor Privacy Tool Kit contains contract provision and examination artefact checklists and templates that can be utilised to evaluate the readiness and maturity of the existing controls against a broad range of GDPR privacy-relevant requirements.

Components can be leveraged by organisations as a standalone privacy assessment of the Third Party relationship, or be incorporated into the organisations’ entire Third Party Vendor Risk Management program.

Download the GDPR Data Processor Privacy Tool Kit 

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