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GDPR and the Supplier IT Risk Landscape – Listen to DVV Solutions ILTA INSIGHT 2017 Panel Discussion

One Step Ahead of Uncertainty:
GDPR and the Supplier IT Risk Landscape 

Following DVV Solutions’ participation at ILTA INSIGHT 2017 we are pleased to share the recording of our panel discussion on GDPR and the implications for managing Supplier IT Risk:ILTA Insight Supplier IT Risk Recording


Is GDPR a blessing and a curse? There is inevitably a lot of noise generated around GDPR and its enforcement on May 25, 2018, and the new, larger maximum fines and penalties the ICO may impose for data breaches and misuse. However, it is also a timely reminder of the increasing need to constantly manage and review the governance of privacy and security applied to Customer AND Employee Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the associated networks and infrastructure through which critical business data flows.

In this session we discuss some of the more practical aspects of GDPR and how it applies to data handling in the legal sector and throughout the data supply chain – for both internal and cloud-based service models.

We investigate why many organisations are still yet to fully address the inherent risks of outsourced business models and third-party relationships and look at some of the best-practice due diligence that can be applied to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Third Party Supplier IT Risk Management.

The panel also debates whether Third Party Supplier IT Risk Assessment and Management has to be seen as a huge burden and assess the pro’s and con’s of typical internal processes, deploying automation software and adopting a fully managed service model.

Duncan Reed (Moderator), Marketing Manager, DVV Solutions
Vijayalaxmi Aithani, Head of Enterprise Legal, Microsoft UK
Leigh Brooks, Independent Consultant at MBCG Ltd.
Sean M. O’Brien, Director, DVV Solutions

Download or stream the recording at: ILTA Communities website

Legal Vendor Network – Reduced Risk and Cost in a Scalable TPRM model

Legal Vendor Network (LVN) is an innovative program of Third Party Risk Management for the Legal sector. It operates as a membership-based program designed specifically for law firms of all sizes to perform smarter risk management through a standardised model of risk assessments and continuous monitoring of Third and Fourth Party Supplier IT Risk.

Legal Vendor Network was developed in collaboration with law firms to support all firms, big or small. Our White Paper provides detail of the ILTA research and background from which the Legal Vendor Network was developed.

The Network enables smarter risk management through a collaborative shared-evidence model that leverages standardised content, automation, and threat intelligence. Legal Vendor Network delivers value to members by reducing both the time and cost associated with Third Party Risk Management for the Legal sector as well as significantly reducing risk to the law firm and its clients.

The benefits of the membership licensing is to provide a platform easy enough for the smallest firms to improve the maturity of their Third Party Supplier IT Risk Management program while also supporting the large scale needs of global legal firms.

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