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DVV Solutions NormShield Managed Services Drives Scalability in Cyber Risk Ratings & TPRM Programs

NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecard MultiscreenNew NormShield Managed Services and Consultancy helps customers to develop more robust and resilient Third Party assurance programs with scalable integration of NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings.


DVV Solutions has announced the launch of its NormShield Managed Services – a range of managed and consultancy services to aid companies looking to implement, develop and optimise the use of NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings within their Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program and framework.

Experienced IT Security Assurance Consultants are able develop and configure the right service and implementation to each client’s specific needs and risk profile, creating a bespoke solution that fully integrates BitSight Security Ratings into their risk assurance program.

Sean O’Brien, MD DVV Solutions commented “NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings are proven to deliver valuable risk information into the cyber supply chain of any organisation. However, consuming and integrating large volumes of risk information and integrating it into the broader TPRM program to compliment more traditional remote and onsite risk assessments can often be a challenge for some organisations. That’s where DVV Solutions can help. With over 20 years in delivering GRC solutions and managed service our team are able to build and configure each NormShield ecosystem to suit the specific risk profile of an organisation and deliver a curated feed of relevant risk and rating information through to managing the validation and remediation of those risks on the client’s behalf.”

DVV Solutions has developed 3 key consultancy and managed service propositions that can be taken separately to meet a specific gap in your program execution or in whole as a complete end-to-end NormShield Managed Service, offering:

Third Party Risk Framework & Program Design

Developing a robust, standards-based Third-Party risk assurance and regulatory compliance programs that can integrate within existing practices or be built exclusively around NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings.

Cyber Risk Ratings “as-a-service”

Providing curated feeds of NormShield Third Party risk data and alerts with regular management reports (e.g. KRIs & KPIs), all managed on your behalf.

Third Party Risk Remediation & Advisory

Professional and practical support in the identification and management of risk and remediation within the Third-Party supply chain.

For more details on DVV Solutions NormShield Managed Services visit our dedicated web page or download the latest datasheet.


NormShield Managed Services are ideal for:

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Risk owners looking to be more effective or expand their use of NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings

Organisations who wish to fully outsource the administration of NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings

Risk owners who need services and support to build and execute their new TPRM program

Organisations with limited resource/capacity to consume, analyse and manage their NormShield ratings

Risk owners looking to quickly mature their TPRM programs and processes

Organisations lacking the necessary skills to consume large volumes of NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings


“By utilising our team of experts NormShield customers can quickly improve the return-on-investment from their NormShield Cyber Risk Ratings and free up resources to enable risk assurance teams to spend more time on what’s important: eliminating control gaps, raising security standards and reducing overall risk.” added O’Brien


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