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Supply Wisdom Ranked by Enterprise Security as a Top 10 Risk Management Service Provider

DVV Solutions partner Supply Wisdom, the industry leading real-time and continuous third-party and location risk intelligence and monitoring solution, has been recognised by Enterprise Security as a Top 10 Risk Management Services company for 2019.


EEnterprise Security Supply Wisdom Top 10 Risk Management Service Provider ESMnterprise Security Magazine presented their list of 2019’s “top 10 Risk Management Service Providers who are capable of helping their clients in not only detecting risks, but also preventing them effectively.”

Supply Wisdom was recognised for their unmatched risk intelligence trusted by Fortune 1000 Risk and Sourcing Leaders. Additionally, Enterprise Security highlighted the ability of Supply Wisdom’s third-party, governance, cyber and location risk intelligence to assist global enterprises efforts to reduce operational disruption, business continuity, reputation and compliance risks.

For a link to the Enterprise Security Magazine’s 2019 Top 10 Risk Management Service Providers article, please click here.

In the same issue, Enterprise Security Magazine’s cover story is an indepth feature on Supply Wisdom and its Chairman, Atul Vashistha. For a link to this article to learn more about how Supply Wisdom’s comprehensive, real-time and continuous risk intelligence and monitoring can help your enterprise effectively and efficiently monitor all of your third parties and locations for risk, please click here.


About Supply Wisdom

Supply Wisdom was born in 2012, out of a need for an early warning service to help enterprises detect and prevent disruptions. Today, Supply Wisdom equips global enterprises with real-time and continuous third-party and location-based risk intelligence, risk monitoring, in-depth risk assessments, and risk scorecards to minimize the risks of disruption facing their business and third parties. Supply Wisdom is a NeoGroup company.

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