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New Supply Chain Cybersecurity Report – Ransomware Risk: Automotive Manufacturing in 2021

ransomware risk in the automotive supply chain

Today, change in the automotive industry is driven by technology. Automakers and parts manufacturers have shifted their engineering focus to connectivity, becoming more strategic with key technology investments.

However, automotive companies still fall behind other industries in terms of digital maturity and are struggling to move forward with a digital transformation plan. In a recent Gartner survey, 71% of automotive CIOs indicate they are most likely to increase investments in cyber and information security in 2021 compared to 2020. This sweeping response follows an uptick in ransomware attacks, especially headlines including legacy automotive companies.

Automotive manufacturers are currently dealing with a serious shortage of semiconductors, affecting leading organizations such as Toyota, Ford Motor, Volkswagen and Honda. Production has been forced to halt in recent weeks, interrupting supply chain logistics, hiking market prices and causing a destructive bottleneck of inventory. While the recent focus has centred around physical operations, hackers have not lost sight of additional opportunities to disrupt the automotive sector.

Ransomware attackers can shut down entire manufacturing supply chains. Earlier this year, Kia Motors was hit with a significant ransomware demand, impacting operations for weeks.

Losing control over data can have dire consequences for an automotive company. The diminished trust of consumers, lawsuits, intellectual property theft, and market delays due to cyber attacks all have real-world financial impacts.

In this report, Black Kite researchers analysed the cybersecurity posture and ransomware susceptibility for the top 100 automotive manufacturers and the top 100 automotive suppliers. Researchers conducted a detailed study around the automotive supply chains to identify the most common security issues, as well as the likelihood of a ransomware attack.

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Key Report Findings:

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