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White Paper – Risk Rating Third Parties: Optimising Risk Management Outcomes

This White PapRisk Rating Third Parties White Paperer from Shared Assessments discusses what Third Party Risk Rating is, what Risk Rating is needed and how an organisation can apply Risk Rating best practices as part of their Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)


Risk rating of third party providers is an essential aspect of a comprehensive risk management program. When risk rating is based on pre-determined criteria, outsourcers can use that rating on an objective basis for identifying actual-versus-perceived risk, and for comparing third parties from a risk perspective related to specific risk areas, such as financial health, security controls and resiliency.

This objectivity informs a more effective evaluation of a Third Party’s ability to maintain a control profile that better mirrors the expectations of the outsourcing organisation. This paper discusses:

A formal Risk Rating process will determine assessment cadence and enables and prioritizes the assessment depth and specific actions for those assessments. To be effective, Risk Rating must be based on documented parameters, which include scoring against the defined risk tolerance and risk appetite statement of the outsourcer. It is essential that a pre-engagement risk rating is performed on every potential Third Party to determine appropriate levels of due diligence oversight and set relevant expectations for ongoing assessments. Taking this approach allows stakeholders, including risk managers, senior executives and board members, to focus and apply appropriate resources to third party oversight. This, in turn, enables the organisation to be more effective in:

Benefits of establishing a well-structured, comprehensive rating process include: focused organisational support for internal and external critical risk functions; identification of significant gaps in due diligence and control processes; and the opportunity to make control assessment processes more cost effective and efficient.

Download the full White Paper (External Link) : Risk Rating Third Parties: Optimising Risk Management Outcomes

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