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Building Your Best Practice Third-Party Risk Framework

The solid foundation of your Third Party Risk Policy and Framework is critical to the success of your TPRM program. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to review and mature your framework, our specialist consultants can help define and shape a tailor-made TPRM framework built on industry best-practice.

Clearly defined objectives, risk appetite, governance model, policies and procedures, geared to ensure compliance.

We can also help create the right infrastructure to support the ongoing success of your program with internal risk committees and reporting structures to ensure all stakeholders are invested in the ongoing success and requirements of the program.

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Meeting Your Regulatory Requirements

When it comes to compliance, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise enables you to stay one step ahead of emerging and evolving regulations such as:

UK Data Protection Act & GDPR,
EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA),
ESMA Guidelines on Outsourcing to Cloud Service Providers,
Bank of England / PRA Operational Resilience, Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management,
EBA Guidelines on Outsourcing Arrangements,
Monetary Authority of Singapore Technology Risk Management (TRM) Guidelines,
NIS Directive, and

Scaling Your Risk Assessment Program

If you are struggling with manual processes that limit the speed and  scalability of your risk assessments we can help you define and build the right automation platform to meet your needs.

We can also provide our fully managed risk assessment and analysis service delivered to your desk. Simply provide us with the list of suppliers you require assessing and we’ll do the rest.

Alternatively, you can call upon our on-demand IT Security Risk Consultants to augment your existing resources and provide additional flexibility to meet any immediate peaks in demand.

The efficiencies DVV Solutions can create open up opportunities to expand the scope of your TPRM program – whether that is increasing the number of third-parties you assess or adding critical downstream 4th and nth parties – providing risk intelligence that could otherwise fall under the radar.

Adding Risk Ratings & Continuous Monitoring To The Mix

Traditional questionnaire-based approaches are valuable in establishing a baseline of risk but only provide a point-in-time snapshot. To proactively mitigate risk, organisations are looking to a broader range of tools that continuously measure and monitor the security performance of vendors.

DVV Solutions offers impartial advice on identifying and integrating the most suitable ratings and monitoring tools that give you the real-time insight and risk metrics you need to make proactive decisions about your third and fourth party landscape.

The services can be provided off-the-shelf as direct feeds into your team or managed “as-a-service” to deliver a curated feed of identified, prioritised and remediated cyber risks posed by business partners and third-party relationships.

Expanding Your Risk Apeture

While cyber risk grabs all the headlines the emergence of broader regulations to ensure the scrutiny and resilience of supply chains is driving procurement, governance, compliance and risk executives to widen their field of vision.

DVV Solutions can provide greater transparency in your “extended enterprise” to strengthen Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) processes.

Our robust methodology monitors risks and threats to your third parties and locations in real-time, wherever they are – Assessing, Quantifying, and Rating risk based on their potential to disrupt operations.

Tracking Risk Remediation & Reduction

Engaging suppliers and third-parties and working collaboratively to improve their security posture is a critical factor in the creating successful outcomes.

That is why we ensure our team of Certified Third Party Risk Professionals (CTPRPs) can provide experience-based, practical support in the ongoing identification and management of risk and remediation within your supply chain, including:

• Validation of risks with each Third-Party
• Management of compensating controls / remedial actions
• Administration of your Risk Register
• Advice on best-practice and regulatory requirements
• Regular review and reporting of action plans

Enhancing Risk Reporting Across Your Organisation

Clear and objective reporting for stakeholders has an important part to play in communicating the outcomes and value of your TPRM program.

Reporting needs to cover all relevant risks, threats, control reviews, assets, issues, incidents and remediation (to name but a few elements) and be tailored to each audience for maximum effect.

Whether it is translating data into board-level reporting, information sharing within the TPRM team, or clear communication and instruction to third-parties, DVV Solutions can help you build the right portfolio of risk reports for your program – reducing the noise to focus on what matters. 

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