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Supply Wisdom Granted Patent for Real-time & Continuous Risk Monitoring Solution

Patent covers Supply Wisdom’s proprietary technology & methodology for quantifying risk associated with Third Parties & geographic locations.


Supply Wisdom patented real time continuous risk monitoring

Supply Wisdom, the leader in real-time and continuous risk intelligence, announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent No. 10,643,165B2 for its risk monitoring solution.

The patent covers the technology and methodology used to transform risk data collected from disparate sources into quantified risk metrics that can be used to assess and compare the risk of Third Parties and locations. The patent further covers the ability of users to customise the risk metrics by adjusting the weight assigned to different risk categories; alerting of risk events and accompanying risk mitigation guidance; and the methods used to make risk intelligence easily consumable.

“The patent is a testament to how we are disrupting the risk management and monitoring market,” said Atul Vashistha, Chairman and Founder of Supply Wisdom, Inc. “We are the only player in the risk space providing continuous monitoring across the broadest risk framework available. If COVID-19 has proven anything to business leaders, it is that risk must be monitored continuously in real-time with a risk model that goes far beyond financial and cyber risks. Stale point-in-time risk assessments, even from as recently as one month ago, are virtually worthless for informing business leaders of the current state and enabling effective risk mitigation decisions.”

By leveraging technology that converts risk data into quantified risk intelligence, Supply Wisdom enables users to know whether the risks of their Third Parties and locations are rising or declining. As Supply Wisdom’s technology continuously monitors risks in real-time, it enables users to generate on-demand risk scorecards and executive-level reports that are populated with real-time intelligence to show the current risk picture. Supply Wisdom’s risk framework monitors over 300 risk parameters covering six categories of Third-Party risk and eight categories of location-based risks in a single solution, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions or solutions.

Supply Wisdom’s Third-Party Risk Framework includes six categories of risk –

The Location Risk Framework includes eight categories of risk –

“Supply Wisdom’s curated risk alerting is the perfect blend of automation and curation. The solution filters out the noise and enables users to focus on risk mitigation actions rather than risk identification,” explained John Bree, Chief Evangelist, Supply Wisdom.  “Our patented solution continuously monitors risk issues and indicators to generate real-time risk alerts. Combined with our patented proprietary technology and methodology, data is packaged into real-time intelligence which business leaders can leverage to make effective and efficient risk avoidance and mitigation decisions.”

“Supply Wisdom enables easy digestion of actionable risk intelligence. Supply Wisdom leverages proprietary algorithms, automation and AI to continuously track, validate, analyse and report real-time market data from hundreds of thousands of public, private and semi-private (paid) sources, for over 300 unique performance metrics across Third-Party entities and locations all over the world,” Sandeep Suresh, Head of Research & Analytics, Supply Wisdom further explained. “This patent is the fruit of our decade-long effort to equip Supply Wisdom users with the latest intelligence on their Third-Party and location’s market risks and opportunities, without the usual noise and false positives associated with monitoring of market information. While many experts are now looking at continuous monitoring in the current COVID era, we have always believed in its power and championed this ideology for over a decade now.”


About Supply Wisdom 

Supply Wisdom was launched in 2012, out of a need for an early warning service to help enterprises detect and prevent disruptions. Today, Supply Wisdom is a patented risk solution that equips global enterprises with continuous Third-Party and Location-based risk intelligence, real-time risk monitoring, in-depth risk assessments, and risk scorecards to minimise the risks of disruption facing their business and Third Parties.


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