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Top US law firms making the case for Legal Vendor Network

Over 40% of top 100 law firms are Legal Vendor Network members. More than 250,000 vendors being continuously monitored. Why are growing numbers choosing THE leading solution for 3rd Party Risk in Legal sector? Law firms know they are a perfect target for a cyber attack due to the volume of sensitive information that they…


Bar Council GDPR Guide Notes: Managing GDPR compliance and cyber security risk of Barristers and Chambers

Understanding the Bar Council GDPR guide and what GDPR means for Barristers, Chambers and Legal Firms A few thoughts on the Bar Council GDPR guide notes and Third Party Risk compliance. In October 2017 the Bar Council issued a GDPR guide for Barristers and Chambers that outlined the key issues and requirements for regulatory compliance….


GDPR and the Supplier IT Risk Landscape – Listen to DVV Solutions ILTA INSIGHT 2017 Panel Discussion

One Step Ahead of Uncertainty: GDPR and the Supplier IT Risk Landscape¬† Following DVV Solutions’ participation at ILTA INSIGHT 2017 we are pleased to share the recording of our panel discussion on GDPR and the implications for managing Supplier IT Risk: Synopsis Is GDPR a blessing and a curse? There is inevitably a lot of…