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Supply Wisdom To Offer Free Global COVID-19 Real-Time & Continuous Alerts

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Supply Wisdom – providers of real-time and continuous Third-party and Location Risk intelligence and monitoring – are providing free access to their global alerting system focused on COVID-19. All of the COVID-19 alerts that Supply Wisdom has issued to date as well as those that will be issued in the future as they continue to monitor this pandemic will be openly available on the Supply Wisdom website.

SupplyWisdom Covid-19 Free Location Risk Alerts screen

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Atul Vashishta, CEO Supply Wisdom commented “Supply Wisdom real-time and continuous risk alerts on locations and third parties are usually only available to our subscribers. However, during these challenging times, we want to ensure that the entire global community has access to our alerting system focused on COVID-19. You can continue to check back to this page as it will be updated continuously or enter your email to receive these COVID-19 alerts in real-time via email.”


Third Party & Location Risk Intelligence

Supply Wisdom monitors risks and threats to your third parties and locations in real-time, wherever they are – Assessing, Quantifying, and Rating risk based on their potential to disrupt operations.

Supply Wisdom offers an objective risk scoring mechanism to assess and quantify risks and impact. Thousands of events every day are reviewed daily, reported from hundreds of sources, across 30 or more languages to bring you only those risks that need your attention. If there is a risk, you’ll know about it.

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